The spirit of salty

We're a small brand based in South London. Founded by Adrienne, who is on a mission to uplift the word with spirited wearable t-shirts and accessories. And we give back at the same time by donating £2 from each of our Ever so salty yellow t-shirt to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the great work they do.

There’s nothing serious very about salty statements. Witty, sassy, LOL, sometimes a little rude, sarcastic even…anything goes. Our one rule is it has to ‘hit a note’. Make someone smile, laugh, snort, sit up, stand up, shout out…we could go on. Think of us as your wearable mood booster.

Everything is hand lettered in the UK, responsibly sourced, high-quality and long-lasting.  Our t-shirts are 100% organic and aprons made from organic cotton waste cuttings blended with recycled plastic bottles .....clever!

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